Carry-on Satchel Bag

Wondering why I have included Carry-On Satchel’s?

It’s simple! they are excellent carry-on bags! These days because of the high costs of checking a bag, more and more personnel are attempting to get away with sneaking two or three bags on board the aircraft, next time you are flying have a look and you will be stunned at some of the antics people get up to. Carry-On Satchel Bag

As long as you are not going on a trip over 3/4 days, one of these will do the trick, take it aboard the aircraft, everything you need will be at hand, and if it comes down to it, you can stow this under the seat in front of you without any problem.

I don’t actually have a satchel bag yet!, there are a few others I want to get before one of these, but the satchel is certainly on my bucket list.

Having actually handled most of these bags many times throughout my travels I am loving them more and more, I constantly look to see where I can stow all the items that accompany me on all my trips, items such as cell phone, passport, air ticket, notebook, camera and so it goes on! Items that you need at hand and others that can wait.

The Tumi satchel bags go above and beyond and meets all my expectations, made from Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon material or leather, the main compartments are nice and roomy for your clothes, you have nice storage areas for iPad’s, nice padded areas for laptops, pen loop, key leash, card pockets and many zip pockets, not to mention some come with the shoe storage pocket. The satchel normally comes with with top leather wrapped carry handles as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, some also have the add a bag sleeve to slip over handles for ease of transportation.

A great little on-board companion or weekend away bag!

My New Addition & My Review!

I couldn’t hold out any longer! I needed an every day bag for going too and from work, one that will hold my laptop, iPad, iPhone, files, one that has ample compartments for all my needs, one that I can reach items immediately, and something that I could also take on short haul trips. So, after much in-depth review, and an actual visit to the Tumi Store, I didn’t waste any more time and purchased the Alpha Bravo Pinckney Flap Brief!

Sure the wheeled brief that I have could do that job, but, I needed something in-between, not as large, something that is easy to carry around, something that has class and style, and this sure meets all of those requirements and more!

This guy has been known to fool airlines check-in staff, one look at it on the shoulder and they never give it another thought, why?, because the size is actually pretty deceptive! Yes, it can carry just as much as the wheeled briefs, what I pack in that for short haul trips I can pretty much get everything into the Pinckney and it never gets a second glance, or asked to be placed on the scales for weighing, unlike the wheeled brief’s which are normally overweight for carry-on luggage, believe me, I experience this all the time.

The main attractions: It’s expandable, has a nice laptop, iPad, and smartphone compartment, files and business accessory compartments are in abundance. You have easy zip access, a secure locking flap, top carry handles a shoulder strap, card pockets, pen loops and key leash! What more do you need?

Tumi $395 $395
Available online Color’s: Hickory or Anthracite
In store: My color – Spruce
Construction Material: Fabric

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