Christmas Travel Tips

Planning to fly, planing on taking a cruise at Christmas? Then here is a few tips that you may wish to take into consideration before packing the bags! Replica Weapons

Everyone travels with various presents around the Christmas time, not a problem if you are staying in or around the home area and traveling by car or bus, but, if flying or traveling by sea (Cruise Ship), you need to think hard about what you can take with you, especially:

Props such as realistic replicas of gun’s, knifes, grenades, axes, swords and many others are strictly prohibited from being transported in hand carry-on baggage when flying, but when taking a cruise they are prohibited in both hand carry-on and checked baggage.

Although at airports they allow most items in the checked baggage, what is frowned upon is if you carry anything that resembles explosives, those such as grenades, rocket launchers, bombs etc, even if it is only a replica, anything that looks like the real thing is considered real until proven otherwise, this also applies throughout the cruise industry.

Although gifts that are wrapped are generally accepted, a good rule of thumb is to wait until you get to your destination before wrapping and sealing as there might be something contained within that warrants a closer inspection.

Sadly Christmas crackers are forbidden, as is items that contain compressed gas, items such as soda machines, in both carry-on and checked baggage.

So if traveling, pack safely, pack sensible! and remember if the present is wrapped, it may have to be unwrapped for a closer inspection.


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