City Maps 2Go Pro – Offline Maps and Travel Guide

The Best Offline Worldwide Navigation Tool!Offline Map and Travel Guide!

Never get lost again with this app, your own personal offline map and travel guide. There’s thousands of worldwide destinations for you to save and view offline, so whether your going on vacation or a business trip, whether it’s the USA or Hong Kong, the City Maps 2Go Pro from iTunes, for a mere cost of $1.99, will get you where you want to go and without even being connected to the internet.

Free version, yes there is that, but, as always that comes with limited capabilities, such as only permitting you to download five destinations.

The 2Go Pro was first recommended to me from traveling friend’s who have used it for some time now and I must say, it certainly grabbed my immediate attention. Being a worldwide traveler that I am, and visiting some strange places, I’m always on the lookout for anything that can help make my trip more pleasant and get me to my destinations safe and sound.

After downloading this to my devices and conducting a review of the product, I actually found it quiet pleasant and fairly easy to navigate between locations, finding what I was after.

Visiting the countries and cities that I am most familiar with, lets go with Thailand on this occassion, I set the app to work. First you select the country visiting, then your given 3 options – 1.All Maps 2.Cities 3.Provinces 4. Regions, I selected the city of Bangkok, and then was permitted to download the map.

From here on you have the opportunity to look for recommendations from fellow travelers, find the best restaurants, shops, attractions, hotel and night clubs, you can even look for the most popular attractions.

You also have the capability of planning your trip before leaving the house, just select where you want to go and add your pins, there is also the option of booking your hotel from within the program.

When your on the road, or when you return home, you can share your experiences for others to review straight from within, information such as how good you rate the location, tips on what to do and what not to do, add images or simply create a new list.

When all is said and done, simply transfer data between your devices or back-up to the cloud, and retain a wealthy vault of traveling information!

Data is provided from many sources such as Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and 2Go Pro partners, naturally the best information is from people like you who are actually on the ground and have first hand experience.

So in short, Traveling Innovations is recommending this app, and keep an eye out for our reviews!

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