Elago Tripshell World Travel Adapter with USB

The Best All-In-One Worldwide Travel Adapter

Elago Tripshell Worldwide Travel Adapter I’m highlighting this Worldwide Travel Adapter from Tripshell which comes with Dual USB Ports that allows you to charge your Smart Phones, iPads, Digital Cameras and much more. My job has me traveling all over the world and I need something that will meet all my electrical devices requirements, Elago Tripshell gives me this.

The adapter comes with a  nice traveling pouch for protection, and the top and bottom are designed for separation for your travel convenience. The LED Right lights up when in use and a 6.3A fuse is used to prevent overcurrent flow damage and fire protection, your spare fuses are located in the base just in case a fuse blows out.

It’s getting pretty good reviews, I have recently purchased mine, and so far all is working well, further updates will be provided on my return from Asia in 2/3 weeks. Update – Worked a treat everywhere I went!

So whether your traveling to Europe, Asia or using it for visitors in the US, the Elago Tripshell Adapter may just be the one you’re looking for!

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