Heys USA

Established in 1986 as one of the world’s leading luggage companies, Heys is renowned as the first company to introduce lightweight luggage, even before airline baggage fees were introduced!Heys

With a worldwide reputation for quality, innovation, fashion and design, Heys luggage is not to be sniffed at!

Choosing your destination can be as exciting as choosing your luggage, Heys provides answers to your solutions..going by air, then why not take along one of the upright spinners and glide through the airport with ease, this is certainly my choice! Need to check your bag, then your going to be looking at Heys hard-side suitcases for that additional protection and piece of mind, especially when they hit the carousel..I always dread that!

Heys luggage is certainly up there with the big boy’s, pretty reputable, lots of choices and some great designs. I always have a browse at some of these bags during my travels, their expendables are especially popular for those unexpected gifts at the last minute, although they are a little disappointing in the carry-on category! Irrespective of this flaw, they are worth considering if in the market for some new or replacement luggage!

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