ID/Luggage Tags

So Why do we need luggage tags?

Primarily for identification of our luggage! Whether picking it up from carousels or supplying appropriate information of owner if lost. There are many ways to tag luggage, the most popular being the use of those examples included here.

I actually use two of these, one being the Swiss Gear Luggage Tags, nice and basic, and most recently, have moved over to using the Victorinox Tracking Id Tag, which is basically a lost bag recovery system. Simply purchase tag, when received, register online with your unique tracking number and it get’s activated. If you happen to loose your bag and it gets turned in, a call is placed to the number located on the tag, which connects you to Victorinox Tracking line, where details are provided along with the bags unique ID# and a Victorinox representative will arrange for your bag to be picked up and delivered to you free of charge.

You may wish to check out the luggage at Tumi they already provide their luggage with a great tracking system which is provided along with the purchase.

Now we have some forms of identification methods outlined for your luggage, there are a few important cautions you need consider, such as:

        • Do limiting your personal information, remember if you can see it so can others, stick to the basics such as cell number and name. Placing your home address on luggage tags is a big mistake, your advertising to would be criminals that you are out of your house and could be subject to a robbery.
        • Do not use your home phone number, programs are freely available for reverse look-up and can reveal your home address.
        • Don’t use your personal e-mail addresses, create a free unique address from yahoo just for this purpose.
        • Try to avoid using anything that identify what country you are from if traveling abroad, not all countries get along.
        • Do use two luggage tags, one for the outside, and one for the inside which shall help the recovery process. You may also wish to pick one that has a distinctive color or pattern to help locate your luggage more easily.
        • Do use the same method for carry-on luggage, after all you never know when the airlines may require you to check it in, I know, it happened to me.
        • Do think about having same distinctive tags for not only you, but all who travel with you, the bag will then be more easily identifiable if it is separated from it’s owner.

  • Remember to tag the kiddies stuff also, even their strollers, backpacks and toys. For safety reasons, don’t use your child’s full name(s), use yours, and consider attaching your picture to their tags for immediate physical identification (matching the parent with the child). Remember the emergency contact telephone number.

And don’t forget your luggage locks!

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