Well, firstly and foremost these are excellent carry-on bags! These days because of the high costs of checking a bag, more and more personnel are attempting to get away with sneaking two or three bags on board the aircraft, next time you are flying have a look and you will be stunned at some of the antics people get up to.

I am a firm believer in getting away with limited belongings/luggage when hitting the road, especially when flying, of which is my main method of travel.

I constantly look at ways to streamline my requirements and at the same time make sure I have the tools of the trade to help me along, as long as you are not going on a trip over 4/5 days, these guy’s are for you, take it aboard the aircraft and everything you need is at hand. Certainly terrific on-board companions or weekend away bags!

 Travel with Distinction

I’ve highlighted the Dror International Expandable Carry-On because of it’s features, especially the two-stage expansion system.

Designed by the renowned award-winning international designer Dror Benshetrit for style and performance, this International carry-on transforms in shape from 9″ to 14″ deep, increasing it’s capacity by some 77%. This hard-side wheeled carry-on comes with the ever loved telescoping handle, leather top, side carry handles and two-wheeled system.

Certainly style in motion and serves both the international and domestic travel!

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