Keeping Yourself Amused at the Airport

Got a long layover at the airport? Arrived too early? Don’t despair, here are some ideas on how to kill time.

airport 1. Always plan ahead before departing, my Travel Check List may be able to help you out here!

wifi2. Have a laptop, iPad or Smartphone? these days all airports are equipped with WiFi so you have an opportunity to watch a movie, read a book, listen to some music, catch up on some work tasks or simply surf the net. Be aware charges may apply.

3. If your traveling with kids then its a whole new story, your going to need keep them childrens airport play areaamused, pack some small travel games like Spot it!, or a few of their favorite toys/books. You may wish to check ahead to see if the airport has a children facility, there they can run around until their little hearts are content.

4. Hungry? Normally airport food is a little expensive and lets face it, some of what they airport restarauntserve is really not worth the price, unfortunately we are severely restricted these days as to what we can pass through security with so normally we don’t have many options, but visiting a restaurant or coffee shop will surely pass some time.

5. The Shops! – always one of my favorite, airport shopsespecially when in Hong Kong or London Heathrow, this is certainly a great way to pass the time and keep everyone amused, whether it’s a book store, clothes store or the Tumi Store you will certainly kill some time here.

6. VIP Lounges – Love these, but you have to either be qualified or purchase a day pass to use these, depending on how long your lay-over is, the purchase may be worth it as food and drink as well as free internet and washing facilities are available at most of these locations, apart from that there is no hustle or bustle like out in the main lobby.

vip lounge

7. Venturing Out – Again depending on how long your layover is you may wish to go outside the airport for a look around, the only trouble of this is that you will constantly be checking the time and will have all the hassle of going through airport security again, as well as maybe having to drag your bags around.

8. Pure Relaxation – You may find that you can purchase a day room at some locations, especially at International airports, and there is always those massage shops!

airport massage

No matter what you do, where you are going, always leave yourself plenty of time to get back to the airport or to your departure gate!

Got any advice, tips or tricks that you would like to share? or would you like to see something included? Drop us a line and lets discuss more!

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