Luggage Buying Guide

buying luggage guideWith all the various types of luggage that is available on today’s market you really need to know what you are looking for and what your needs are, well the basics anyway!

The following information is purely a guide to assist you in deciding what’s the right luggage or bag for you.
Buying any type of luggage or bag is pretty basic as long as you know what you want! So before rushing off to purchase one, have a browse over these guidelines and they should give you an idea of which is the right one for you!

Price: Cost of LuggageRemember rule number one? You get what you pay for! Decide on how much you want to spend, there are hundreds of bags and suitcases out there so decide on how much you wish to spend before going shopping!

Lightweight Luggage

The future of advanced travel design is here, with innovative frames, combined with hard-side protection and ballistic nylon aesthetic material, not to mention extra light handles and improved wheel systems. Lightweight Suitcases
Your going to be able to pack a few more items in this luggage without the worry of additional airline fees. They’re certainly a lot less hassle than the old traditional bags!

Definition of a Lightweight: Luggage is generally considered lightweight if it’s a 22-inch upright and weighs in at 10 pounds or less, when empty.

Exactly what it says! A carry-on is a bag that can be taken onto an aircraft, and the FAA mandates that the maximum size carry-on bag for most airlines is 45 linear inches (the total of the height, width, and depth of the bag). Anything larger than this should be checked. Carry-On Luggages
As a general rule you should always check with your airline before departing as most domestic and international flights have different rules for carry-on luggage.

Here’s a great little site for checking airlines baggage allowances and various fees:

Spinner Luggage Spinner Luggage
Get the best in mobility and move your baggage around with simplicity. Spinner Luggage is upright cases that have four multi-directional wheels which rotate on two axes and will always follow the direction you wish to take, pivoting a full 360 degrees, turning corners, changing directions with ease and with hardly any effort, even the little ones will have fun pushing your cases along.

The design itself is pretty smart, push it, pull it, stands upright, and even when you use the add a bag feature, there is no hassle lugging bags around anymore, I’m loving my spinner! Available either hard-side or soft-side, it’s pretty much the way you want to travel these days.

Hardside Luggage Hardside Suitcases

If you want that extra protection, especially when traveling by air, you may wish to consider a hardside luggage, they have a rigid exterior shell and are usually made from 100 percent polycarbonate which is the same material used for bullet-proof glass, extremely tough, they say you can even stand on the cases.

With the hard-side your getting that ever important additional protection and piece of mind, everyone always dreads their case being handled at airports, you know it gets little due care and attention, I know, I have been behind the scenes at airports.

So with this added durability, your bag will take a little more abuse than the regular bags, it’s less likely to crack or tear, apart from that they are extremely lightweight and much easier to get around with.

A word of caution: The hard-side’s don’t give you as much flexibility as the expandable suitcases and don’t come with easy pocket access on the outside. Although a lot tougher, is they do manage to sustain scratches etc, these will be seen easier than on your regular soft-side cases.

Are they worth consideration – I certainly think so, my extended trip packing case is a hard-side 😉 - Free Shipping

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