Luggage Locks

To Use or Not to Use, that is the Question?

Traveling all over the world, in and out of various countries, my luggage is always secured by a TSA approved padlock and a luggage combination padlock strap! Is it really worth it? I guess that’s up to each individual, my philosophy is why make it easy for them! There again, you shouldn’t be traveling with anything inside your luggage that is irreplaceable, if so, it should be in your hand luggage..

Some argue that even if you have a lock it can be cut off, and what if you have a zipper that secures your luggage! that’s probably a lot easier to cut open than a lock don’t you think?

How do you overcome these issues and should you be worried, after all they can easily take the entire luggage! Well, it also depends on how you are traveling, these days we always refer to the airports and cruise ships as the main methods of travel, and this is probably where our luggage is the most vulnerable as it ends up out of your control for some time.

As I said, why make it easy for them, yes I recommend you should use locks, yes I recommend you should use combination luggage straps, and to overcome the zipper concern, why not switch to hard shell luggage, most of them these days have built in locks that are TSA approved, check out some of the Tumi hard side luggage! Additionally these hard side cases offer better protection for your valuables, wet weather and or damage from other cases or when thrown around!

Think Safety – Think Security!  Lock it or loose it!

Check out this Luggage Security video!

Luggage Security

Don’t forget to tag your bag!

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