The VL2000 Mini GPS Tracking Device by GTX Corp

Introducing your very own take-Along GPS Tracker Locator which enables you to track and locate your kids, pets, assets and basically anything or anyone else you want to keep an eye on. You get real time map location which can be viewed on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

This great technology can give you peace of mind, especially when traveling, by providing you with notifications by either text messaging or e-mail when your little ones, loved ones or pets step outside the comfort zone which is defined by yourself. Zones can be set to a size as small as house or as large as a city. This state of the art provides easy 24 hour access that helps you track and monitor children, teenagers, pets, or a wandering patient, and if that’s not enough it can be used for any other tracking or locating applications.

It’s thin, light, weighing in at under 2 ounces, and fit’s discreetly into your pocket, purse, bag, or simply clipping on to your dogs collar!

Get piece of mind, get your GTX Corp VL2000 now!

Are you wondering why I have highlighted this product? well I believe in it, I think it’s a great safety and security net, it has never ending use and most importantly I became a small shareholder because I think this is terrific product!

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