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OK, you can argue that up until now you have never needed these before, and you might still think that way after reading this, but lets take a minute to ponder over some points for your consideration. packing cube

You may not think they are a big deal, but for people like yours truly, to be honest I can’t do without them now.

Firstly these guy’s ensure I utilize what baggage space I have and keep items neat, tidy and in order.

Then there is the airport baggage handlers, yes your bag does get tossed around, sometimes even thrown considerable distances, here’s where these organizers come in handy and keep everything together, additionally, if you need get something out of the bag then there is very little rummaging about, you know what organizer it is in and it’s pretty accessible.

Then there is the packing folders, my savior, since using these I have had less wrinkles in my shirts and trousers and can spring into action when reaching my destination without the worry of looking for an iron, or having the hotel do at extortionate costs.

So having touched on various topics, what I would like to know is exactly how many of my fellow travelers are actually using these folders & cubes, or, do you have other tricks of the trade you would like to share with us?

Some of the Packing Folders and Cubes I’m talking about can be seen using the following link –

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  1. I have also been using packing cubes and folders during my trips. I have the ones from Dot&Dot that I bought on Amazon. They have the double sided cubes that I use to separate my clean from my dirty clothes. I love how I can just grab the cube that I need for the day and not rummage through my whole luggage to look for the things that I need. I’m also able to maximize the space in my luggage.

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