Pillows/Eye Shades/Blankets

I’m probably one of the worse sleepers you can imagine when flying, very rarely can I nod off on a plane, whether it’s a long or short haul flight, first, business or economy class, or whether I have had very little sleep within the last 24 hours, it does not matter.

I am always on the lookout for products that can help me get into the land of nod, and to be quite honest, I have yet to find it!

During my travels I am always on the lookout, I visit stores regularly and pay attention to what others are using, normally you can catch your fellow traveler walking around with eye shades on the top of their head, a pillow and a blanket under their arm, all in the hope of a few quiet and relaxed hours when in the air! Lets face it, what you get on aircraft’s these days, unless in first or business class is not worth talking about, apart from that I tend to question their cleanliness?

What items I have discovered so far, or which are believed to be the most popular, I shall include in this page for your thoughts and consideration.

If any of my fellow travelers out there have other products that they use and wish to share, please drop me a note and lets discuss.

Sweet Dreams!

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