Planning Your Trip

Depending on what kind of trip you are going on will depend on how you plan it! A business trip, which is usually paid for by the company is totally different from a vacation trip of which is usually paid for by individuals.

plan your trip

Some trips are expected and per-arranged, where some trips are spontaneous and filled with excitement. Business trips are, well, for business, where vacation trips are for adventure, excitement, relaxation and enjoyment, so by planning ahead you can squeeze in more activities, visit more places, relax better and have a hassle free vacation!

So what’s your trip intentions, the location, what you want to do and numbers attending as well as many other factors will depend on how you plan ahead, to help us on our way I have enclosed a few starting points.

  •  Location, location, location – This is probably the first place you want to start for obvious reasons. Check out the web, people share videos, photos and comments of their real life experiences. You also need consider the weather,  what you can and cannot do in way of recreational activities, the shopping, transportation, dinning etc, and what you can afford.
  • The Budget – Planning ahead can save you money on airfares, hotel costs, car rentals etc, as well as comparing prices, think about what activities you intend on doing, how long you intend to stay, what places, like entertainment, restaurants etc you would like to visit. Why not check-out what travel guides have on offer, this should give you a great start! Don’t forget to take into account working days, opening hours, attraction distances and travel time when making some of these plans.
  • Schedule – Business trips or vacations don’t always go according to plan, so try not to make your schedules too tight, as well as plan too far ahead.
  • Luggage – Everyone over-packs, including myself, of which I continue to improve upon. Take into consideration the other factors and think about what you take with you, remember, your going to need some room for all that shopping you done, as well as consideration of additional costs for excess luggage if going by air.
  • Use a Check List!

Do you have any advise that can be shared to plan our trips better? have any tips or tricks up your sleeve? or would you like to see something included? You might even have a horror story that you wish to share for discussion? Drop us a line and lets see if we can all get a good start to what ever trip we are going on!

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  1. As a planner I plan everything so I can relate to what you wrote about. People think I am crazy for planning everything but it works out better that way.

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