Required Travel Documents & Other Important Documents

travel documentsPlanning and preparation adds to all the excitement of a trip, whether it’s for vacation or business your going to have to make sure you have all the required documentation. Forgetting to pack all the necessary documents could result in you encountering some difficulties during your trip.

Some food for thought! Retaining all your travel documentation in one place may seem like a good idea, but what happens if you loose, or have your wallet/bag stolen…. this is where the photocopies (stored in different location from originals) come in handy, or as an additional measure, why not back-up this information on your smartphone?

Passport –  passport  Probably the most important document, so ensure that you know it’s whereabouts at all times, check they are in date and as a rule of thumb you should have at least six months left until expiration by the end of the trip.

Insurance  travel insurance – Pretty much essential for all trips, make sure yours is in order before departure.


Visas VisasAgain, you are going to have to look into this, various visas are required for various citizenship, someone from the USA may require a visa for visiting a certain country where someone from the U.K. will not require the visa. I love this little site for obtaining my travel visas  

vaccinationsVaccinations – Pretty much like the visa issue, some may require a vaccination, some may not, although we can find relevant information on line I always check with my Doctor and I recommend you should also!

Tickets – You can pretty much pick-up your ticket at the airport, train station etc, but you could also print this out at home or even use an e-ticket, I actually print mine off and also have an e-ticket just to be on the safe side.ticket

identificationIdentification – It’s wise to take some form of photographic identification in addition to your passport, normally I have my drivers license and a photocopy of my passport, naturally depending on my activities as I travel mostly on business trips, but I generally leave the passport in the hotel safe. In addition to that, I have a copy of all my documentation on my smartphone as well as at home.

Credit/ATM Card/Travelers Checks – Naturally you wont get far without these, and again I cannot stress the importance of retaining photocopies of these as well as the credit card emergency contact numbers and the traveler check serial numbers. If your carrying cash, keep a few notes in your pocket, and the remainder in your money belt, that way if you do encounter any difficulties, handing over some money may just get you out of a sticky card

Safety and Security of all essential travel documentation makes a big difference as to how smooth your trip goes, keep your documents protected at all times and always have a back-up plan should things take a turn for the worse!

Remember to keep your documents safe and secure when traveling, have a look at some of these security travel belts & bags!

Stay Safe – Stay Secure!

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