RFID Blockers

The Safety & Security of Your Personal Data is at Risk!

RFID TheftWhat’s RFID Blockers?

Believe it or not, these days your credit cards, passport, and even driver’s license, all those valuable items that contain personal information can be easily scanned without actually having to swipe them or look at them, and without you even knowing. Scary Yes?

Cards these days are embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification chip, commonly known as “RFID” which is used for short-distance communication of information, and contains all your personal information.

RFID cards are used throughout the world for many various activities, such as getting into your Hotel Room, Company/Personal/Government Identification Cards, Electronic Entry Systems and more worrying, your Credit/Bank Cards, which in the long run makes you more susceptible to identity theft!

A simple wave of your card in front of an RFID Scanner without even removing it from the holder or your wallet or purse and records,reads and stores data, granted it’s more convenient in this day and age when we are all eager
to get from point “A” to point “B” as fast as possible and with the least amount of hassle, but in reality, it is leaving us open to electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.

So what steps can you take to protect your valuable documents? Simple, block the signal….Some governments have actually started the accreditation of RFID protection devices that comply to various standards, devices such as RFID Blocking Wallets, Credit Card Protector Sleeves and other Card Sleeves for the protection of various other RFID Cards.

So a good rule of thumb if venturing down this road, (which you seriously should consider) is to be on the lookout for this accreditation when making a purchase.

Needing an RFID Passport Protection Cover?

Please feel free to leave any feedback or advice for protecting yourself against RFID theft, or introduction of new products for consideration, or maybe you have a story to tell?

Stay Safe – Stay Secure!

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4 thoughts on “RFID Blockers

  1. Thanks for sharing some great information. You provide a great service by bringing things like this to our attention.
    This type of technology quickly becomes part of our lives and it is important to know about potential downsides.
    Regards and good luck

  2. That is spooky, I had no idea about RFID, I don’t have a related story to tell but you certainly opened my eyes up with this info.

    It;s good to know that there is blocking wallets and sleeves available for this , thanks for sharing


    • Indeed it is a little scary out there these days with what can happen to your personal data, with the traveling I do I need be ahead of the game in this category and hope others follow, thanks for your visit!

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