Rfid Protection Passport Covers

T-Tech by Tumi Luggage Rfid Passport Holder

What does RFID mean?.. “Radio Frequency Identification”, it’s technology that allows you to wave your passport or credit card or even a driving license in front of an electronic scanner which communicates with the antenna embedded in the card that’s connected to the RFID chip which then activates it! Sadly criminals these days are getting a lot smarter and are building their own RFID readers that can read and steal your personal information without you even knowing. All they need do is walk past you with their concealed reader and hey presto, they have conducted what is known as electronic pickpocketing and got all of your personal information..

Swiss Gear Rfid Protection Passport Cover

How do you know if your passport/card has an RFID Chip in it, well normally they have a distinctive logo, although not all of them do, so unless you make further inquiries you may never know until it is too late…check for the customer service number on the card and call them, or check the instructions that came with it.

RFID BLocking Leather Ladies Trifold Clutch Wallet and RFID Checkbook

These days US Passport Cards, contactless credit cards, some driving licenses, all Transport Workers Identification Credential and many government identification cards have built in RFID capabilities. How can you protect your passport, easy, by using one of these RFID Protection Passport Covers, especially if you are a big time traveler like yours truly!

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Don’t make it easy for criminals, stay safe – stay secure!

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