Security Travel Belts/Bags

Now your going to need some security for your personal items when on the road, especially if traveling abroad! Money Belts

A lot more secure than a wallet or purse, these are some great little security belts/bags that are available on today’s market. Think about it, in a strange country, walking around sight seeing, getting in among the locals in a busy market, or simply strolling around the airport, time to check-in, and you find your passport and money have been stolen..the dreaded pickpocket has struck again, this time you are the victim!

Working in the security field and traveling all over the world, the theft of my money or passport always plays on my mind, what a predicament to be in, no money, credit card or even worse, passport! especially some of the places where I visit!

So to overcome my fear and concerns I simply purchased a nice little money belt, one that houses passports, money, credit cards and a few other nick knacks! Which one did I purchase? Well I opted for the “Eagle Creek Travel Gear Silk Undercover Money Belt” it’s not bulky and can be easily hidden under my clothes of which was my main preference and objective! It has two zippered pockets, one that my passport comfortable fits in and the other used for organization of money…

Granted money belts or bags come in various forms like over the shoulder/cross body, fanny pack style or around the neck, so before rushing out and buying one, think before you leap, what’s your objectives? what’s the point of these items? what do you feel comfortable with?

With my money belt, all my essentials are secure and close at hand, just as my undergarments are! Think about it? every day you walk around in your socks and underpants without given them a moments thought, come night time, when you undress, hey presto, there they are, right where you put them! well, that’s the way I like my valuables to be when on the road, out of sight, out of mind, and securely fastened to my person!

My philosophy, and something to bear in mind, is that your money belt won’t work if it’s anywhere other than under your clothes!

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