The Alpha Bravo Pinckney Flap Brief!

The Latest Addition to my Collection!

I was in badly need of an all day every day use bag, something that could also double up for short haul flights, something that would take just about as much as my wheeled brief would but not as large as, and easy to get around with.

Having concluded my in-depth online research, and an actual visit to the Tumi Store, I found my ideal bag…the Alpha Bravo Pinckney Flap Brief.

This brief actually fools the airlines check-in staff, never been known to weigh in, and yet it can carry just about the same weight as the wheeled briefs which predominantly get weighed all the time…How’s that for getting your own back on airline carriers, no extra baggage fees 😉

For a more in-depth view, have a look inside the brief!

Pinckney Plap Brief

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