Travel Adapters

One of the most disregarded or forgotten items when on the road is your Travel Adapter!

So why do I need an electrical adapter in the first place?

Quiet simple really, and understanding that today’s technology is evolving pretty fast these days, there is still a lot of differences between most countries! Within the electrical world, not many changes have taken place since each country set their own standards, and not being able to charge your devices can land you in a whole heap of trouble.

Remember an adapter is only a connector to the plug shape that you are wanting to connect with, although most devices such as your smart phone or laptop come with the ability to switch between power sources, you need check this before departing.

Gone are the days when you need travel with a multitude of plugs/adapters, as well as including a USB Charger, these guy’s will get you by in most, if not all countries. Always take mine everywhere I go!

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