Travel Bottles/Tubbs

There is nothing worse than reaching your destination, opening up the suitcase and discovering your shower gel, toothpaste or shampoo has leaked out and spread all over your clothes! Well, it has happened to me..was not amused at the shower gel all over my shirts, however, ever since using packing cubes and folders, as well as these little bottles, I am pretty comfortable with packing and traveling with the liquid stuff!

These bottles are TSA approved, they can hold around 4/5 days worth of shower gel or shampoo, suppose it depends on the amount you use…the caps snap on pretty tightly so there is no worry of spills, the size is perfect for use with a carry on and they are pretty durable.

The GoTubbs are another nice little product, they are around 2.5 inches roundand approx 1″ in depth, great for your body/face creams, medication, jewelry and I guess various office supplies, no leaks reported and they get pretty good reviews.

Why not pack them in these cubes!

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