Travel Checklist

This Travel Checklist has been put together in the hope that it shall assist you in planning your trip and keep you safe and secure.  Travel Checklist

Check the travel advise page for the country you are visiting

Register with your countries Locate services so they can reach you just in case something goes wrong

Check where your nearest Embassy is located – have a look on line and record pertinent details

Insurance – Never ever travel without Insurance, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance, and check that it covers activities such as extreme sports, and double check on the medical coverage side of things, make sure the policy provides for Air Ambulance, all medical costs, pre-existing medical conditions, coverage for return of body in the event of a death, and if driving, replacing or full recovery of your car back to your home address.

Medical – Check online to see if you need any vaccinations, Net Doctor is a good starting point, better still, check with your Doctor! Make sure if taking medication that it is legal in the country you are visiting and have it packed in your luggage. If deemed necessary, take a copy of the prescription along with you or get a doctors letter just in case you run out and as legal proof.

Passport – Check that your passport is in date, valid for a minimum of 6 months after the date you travel and check to see if you need any visa’s – I like to use Zaire Visa for my visa’s.

Photocopy of Documents – I recommend you take a photocopy of your passport and any other valuable documents, keep safe and separate from the originals. I usually store them on-line so I can retrieve anywhere. Best have an alternative valid government photo identification. If you don’t need it, safe it!

Emergency Details & Contact – Make sure your emergency contact details in your passport is fully up to date.

Movements – Create an itinerary, leave it with a friend or family member, let them know where you are going, how long you will be away for and where you will be staying, as well as an emergency contact number and don’t forget to check with your provider to make sure your phone works abroad.

Money – Make sure you have enough money for the trip and a little back-up cash, probably best to mix it up with some travelers checks also. Remember to check the expiry dates of your credit cards.

Local Customs/Dress – Make sure you find out about local customs and dress before departing, there may be serious consequences for breaking local laws.

Your Travel Check List: Travel Check List


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    • Sure does, use this myself, on the one occasion last year that I never, I left my headphones and a couple of other items which resulted in having to fork out cash on items that I should not have had to purchase :( Thanks for the visit and glad you like the list.

  2. This is a simple yet comprehensive list that can totally wipe out any worries of traveling and leave you with a carefree attitude to enjoy all your traveling.

    I love this site, it’s clean and easy to navigate :-)

    • Thank you Margaret, not finished yet, still a long way to go and hopefully it will remain easy to navigate and leave you with that carefree travel attitude..Watch this space for my Travel Check off list that’s coming next 😉

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