Travel Insurance

Insurance for TravelersImagine on vacation, you break a leg, are involved in a car accident,fall seriously ill, or a loved one needs urgent medical treatment! Off to hospital you go, and on arrival you hear those dreaded words, “What Medical Insurance do you have”? Some actually think their house insurance, private health cover and even their credit cards cover them, well in some cases credit cards may cover you depending on which one you are with and what the contract says, but, in reality, you should have specific insurance for when traveling on business or vacation!

So what should my travel insurance policy cover?

– Coverage for the entire duration of trip
– Adequate coverage for an injury or sudden illness, including air/medical escort coverage home.
– 24 hour emergency service and assistance
– Accidents
– Personal liability coverage to cover law suits
– Lost and or stolen possessions
– Trip cancellation and curtailment
– Lost Baggage
– Dangerous sport coverage (Jet Ski, Para Sailing etc)
– Home emergency
– Bad weather

Don’t jump at buying the first policy you look at, have a browse around, check prices and coverage from at least three insurance companies. A great place to start: Just enter required details and shop around from the various companies that are offering you coverage.

For great deals on vacation packages, flights, hotels, cars or cruises, check-out Expedia and compare pricing with others, I’m sure you shall be surprisingly surprised.

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