Travel Money

Travel MoneyThe worst thing that can happen when you are on vacation is becoming a victim of theft and fraud, consider some of these tips before you head off!

Purchase some local currency and familiarize yourself with the exchange rate so you can judge the cost of things

As well as cash, take travelers checks with you, making sure you note their serial numbers and don’t carry more money than you need, you may wish to consider a money belt if you want to carry a lot of cash/credit cards

Keep a small amount of money in your pocket, the remainder in the money belt, that way if you find yourself in a situation, handing over the small amount of cash could well solve the problem

Take a photo copy of your credit card(s) and leave that at home in a safe place, if you have a few credit cards, best take just the one out with you, leave the rest at home or hotel safe.You may also wish to photocopy the travelers checks

Before leaving, check with your credit card company that your card will be valid in the country(s) you will be visiting and make sure you note the cards emergency cancellation number

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