What you should know if you are the Victim of a Crime

Make sure you have the contact details of your nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, they are there to help you if you are a victim of crime abroad.  Victim of Crime

Remember to report any crime to the local police before you depart if you wish an investigation be conducted. You should also ask for a police report, this will help if you wish to make a claim on your insurance or are looking for compensation.

Take appropriate precautions and avoid being a target of crime:

  • In many parts of the world you will stand out no matter what you do, so help yourself, blend in as much as possible, leave all those conspicuous clothes at home.
  • Don’t wear flashy or expensive jewelry, try wearing the local stuff.
  • Watch how much money you carry, don’t take anymore than you really need or expect to spend.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended.
  • Never, never accept packages from strangers.
  • Remain in tourist areas or travel with a reputable guide.
  • If you have a bad feeling about something, take a minute or so, think about what is going on, observe whats happening, assess the situation, decide what your options are for getting to a safe haven, then make the call and act on it.
  • Watch out for those strangers who approach you, pay compliments or try to become your best friend, the majority of the time they are waiting for that opportunity to rob you of your passport or cash, they may even try to take you to a nearby shop where you will be pressured into making a purchase.
  • Make sure you are aware of the countries security situation before departing, no harm in doing a little research to check the local situation.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks; Watch how much you drink and stay away from dangerous activities.

If you do happen to be the victim of crime:

  • Your first step is to seek medical attention if required, then report the crime to the Local Police, Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
  • Cancel any credit cards and travelers checks
  • Contact airlines/travel agent and rebook travel tickets.
  • If your passport has been stolen, contact your Embassy, High Commission or Consulate and they can assist with a replacement, usually a replacement if provided within 24 hours. Remember to show them the photo copy of your passport that you should have with you.

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