Reasons to Travel with Tumi

TumiI am a world wide traveler, short and long haul flights, as well as the occasional sea and road trip. I have been traveling for most of my life, and one of my biggest mistakes was my choice in the luggage department!

Over the years I have wasted so much money with the choice of baggage that I used for various trips, and most if not all of my choices ended up fraying, getting ripped or merely fell apart.

Enough was enough, and I decided to invest a little more money into a much more reliable and reputable set of luggage.

I did check out many top brand names, names such as Samsonite, Victorinox and Nautica etc, but after in depth review and taking into consideration my personal requirements as well as my past experiences I decided to splash out on the more upscale and designer luggage of Tumi.

My next stop is the Extended Trip Packing Case of which will need to be purchased fairly soon as my present is fading fast. At this moment in time I have my eye on the Dror Extended Trip Case and have actually tested and tried within various stores.

I am definitely in need of a roomy hard-side case, one that will withstand all the abuse when traveling by air, one that is light in weight (16.6 lbs), has a four wheel system for maximum maneuverability, a retractable handle, reliable, trustworthy and stylish. Tumi Luggage

Tumi tends to stand out wherever you go, it causes heads to turn, sporadic conversations to take place, but most of all it oozes style and certainly stands out on those dreaded luggage belts at the airport.

Granted the cost may be a little off-putting but I for one am no longer willing to throw good money down the drain with purchasing more inferior pieces of luggage that hardly last a year or two.

If you can afford Tumi then I say go for it, you wont find a better packing case!

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